Pat Mann


I would certainly recommend ICO in Barcelona


It can seem very daunting to have treatment on your eyes but having worn varifocal glasses for a number of years I wanted to be free of them. I found the ICO website on the internet and initially made inquiries about a possible consultation with one of their doctors.
I found all the staff very professional, reassuring and helpful, cleanliness was paramount. After my initial consultation with the doctor, who spoke excellent English and went to lengths to explain the procedure and follow-up treatments, I had the appropriate eye tests, and was booked in for treatment for cataracts removal and lens replacements. My husband came with me and I had treatment on both eyes on the same day with the necessary intervals. Having the two treatments in one day was ideal for me. The procedures did not take long at all and I was able to go home after treatment on my second eye. I was given shields to cover my eyes for protection for 5 days when I went to sleep which was not inconvenient and certainly a sensible idea. I was amazed that I could see small print the next morning even with one eye covered. I had a check-up the following afternoon and a week later and another one is due in October. If you are thinking about treatment on your eyes, I would certainly recommend ICO in Barcelona. All your questions and any anxieties you may have would be dealt with by a qualified doctor and Ophthalmologist. The clinic is operated to the highest standards and their staff excellent and caring.

Created: 01/01/2012 / Updated: 25/06/2024