Dra. Shirin Djavanmardi

Dra. Shirin Djavanmardi

Medical license number: 08/35399

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from University of Sousse (Tunisia) in 1996. Ophthalmology Specialty Training (1996-2000) at university hospitals in Tunisia and Barraquer Clinic in Barcelona. Recognition of Medicine and Ophthalmology degrees and granting of Spanish equivalence in 2000/2002.

General ophthalmologist at ICO (Barcelona). Has worked in the ICO A&E Unit and the ICO Glaucoma Unit since 2008.

Academic training

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from University of Sousse (Tunisia) in 1996.
  • Ophthalmology Specialty Training (1996-2000) at the following university hospitals (H. F. Hached in Sousse, H. F. Bourguiba in Monastir, H. Bourguiba in Sfax and Barraquer Clinic in Barcelona).
  • Ophthalmology Specialty Training (Tunisia 2000), granted Spanish equivalence in 2002.
  • Doctoral thesis on ophthalmology in 1999: on Diagnostic strategies for a choroidal tumour in 36 clinical cases, with honours and congratulations from the judging panel and nominated for the national thesis award.
  • Graduate from the Barraquer University Institute for completing two MASTER degrees in “Patología y Cirugía del segmento anterior y posterior del globo ocular” (2000-2002), awarded Notable (“very good”) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Professional activity

  1. General ophthalmologist at the CAP of “Vila Olímpica” - Barcelona - (2001-2002).
  2. General ophthalmologist, at the Sant Félix hospital, Sabadell-(2003).
  3. General ophthalmologist at the Rubí Policlínic (2003-2004).
  4. General ophthalmologist at the Castelldefels Policlínic-(2004).
  5. General ophthalmologist at the Barraquer Barcelona clinic (2004).
  6. General ophthalmologist at “Instituto Oftalmológico Clinsafa: IOC” (Sagrada Familia Clinic), Barcelona (2005).
  7. General ophthalmologist at the Noguer ophthalmological center. Barcelona (2006-2015).
  8. General ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist at the “Comtal Institute of Oftalmology”: ICO, Barcelona. Head of the international department of ICO (2008-present 2023).
  9. General ophthalmologist at Badamedic Badalona (2014-2019).
  10. General ophthalmologist at the “Sanitas Robresa” center in Barcelona (2017-present 2023).
  11. General ophthalmologist at the Policlínic Torreblanca in Sant Cugat (2017- present 2023).
  12. General ophthalmologist and glaucome specialist in France to reduce the waiting list for social security. (2020-present 2023).


  • Good Clinical Practice Training for Site Staff Course, European Centre for Clinical Research Training, Puurs, Belgium, 2011. Basics for clinical research.
  • Protocol Training Session and investigators meeting for both Brinz/Brim C-10-040 and C-10-041 Studies (Alcon: Research and Development), Rome, Italy, 2012.
  • Participation in numerous clinical trials as co-investigator: Pascal DCT-GAT vs. Ganfort Study (2011) and Lumigan Study (Allergan: 2011 to date), Brinz/Brim Study (Alcon: 2012-2013).
  • Collaborating researcher on several active research projects on glaucoma (Drainage tubes, trabeculoplasty SLT: Real-life Effectiveness and Safety of one session of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) as Initial, Adjunctive, and Substitutive Therapy) Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology).
  • Multiple communications at national and international conferences and several publications in national and international magazines.
  • Multiple attendance at national and international courses and conferences.


  1. Maculopathie de Valsalva à propos d’une observation; Journal Tunisien d’Optalmologie, vol 2, N8, March 1998:29-31.
  2. Occlusion artérielle et neuropathie optique par hématome intra-orbitaire post-traumatique; Journal Tunisien d’Optalmologie, vol 2, N8, March 1998: 42-45.
  3. Nystagmus congenital unilateral relevant un gliome de voies optiques. Journal Tunisien d’Optalmologie, vol 2, N8, March 1998: 58-61.
  4. Drusen papillaires au cours du pseudo-xanthome élastique; Ophtalmologie 1998, 2, 101-104.
  5. Manifestations oculaires dans l’ataxie-télangiectasie; Ophtalmologie 1998, 2, 101-104.
  6. Collyres et surface oculaire: Effets au long cours; Maghreb Médical, No. 332, January 1999, 34-35.
  7. Apport de l’ intubation bicanaliculo-nasale dans le traitement des atrésies méatiques; Journal Tunisien d’Optalmologie, vol 2, N8, March 1999, 46-50.
  8. Distrofias coroideas peripapilares: problemas de diagnostic diferencial; Revista d’or de oftalomología, 1st quarter 2000: 23-30.
  9. La distrofia corneal anular; Revista d’or de oftalomología, 3rd quarter 2000: 29-33.
  10. Indicaciones de la queratoplastia penetrante en el queratocono; research paper for the Postgraduate Master degree course in “Patología y Cirugía del segmento anterior” (“Anterior segment pathology and surgery”) from Barraquer University Institute, 2000-2002.
  11. Las asociaciones patológicas en las oclusiones venosas de retina;  research paper for the Postgraduate Master in “Patología y Cirugía del segmento posterior” from Barraquer University Institute, 2000-2002.

Areas of interest

Anterior segment pathology, with special interest in glaucoma

  • Cataracts
  • Ocular emergencies

Activities in Solidarity Organizations

Volunteer at the Elena Barraquer Foundation to eradicate avoidable blindness due to cataracts: “No more cataracts” campaign, she participated in two expeditions in Africa in Niger (2018) and in Senegal (2019).

Languages spoken

  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan (basic level)
  • Italian (basic level)
Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona
Medical license number: 08/35399
Created: 08/11/2019 / Updated: 21/06/2024

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