Has custom treatment based on all of the eye's ocular optical aberrations (Zyoptix) resulted in a substantial improvement for patients?

Visual quality does not only depend on visual acuity (ability to distinguish very small objects, measured in tenths). The measurement of optical aberrations predicts other very important complex visual conditions (contrast sensitivity, vision in low light conditions, etc.). Aberrations can arise along the entire light path, from the cornea to the retina (mainly in the cornea and the lens).

Efforts made by some companies to treat all of the eye's optical aberrations on the cornea with LASIK have not managed to improve results, despite supporting such expectations and excessive costs with marketing campaigns. Principal investigators believe that not all aberrations should be treated through the cornea, but instead only those aberrations of the cornea itself. This is the aim of other advanced technologies, including ORCAM (AMARIS laser platform).

Created: 01/01/2012 / Updated: 25/06/2024