Club ICO

Exclusivity in the marked attention by high expectations.

Club ICO is defined as a community of interest between doctors and patients seeking care exclusivity marked by high expectations, both in health care and their care and their families , making a doctor's visit becomes all an unforgettable EXPERIENCE .

An exclusive space surrounded by comfort, quiet and relaxed atmosphere, attention from our qualified professionals who meet the highest standards of quality , special care to family ...

A good cup of coffee accompanied by international press and media content , good music, internet, let's add one hour of free parking and begin to know a small part of this EXPERIENCE .

If the result of this visit is necessary surgery will be assigned a member of our PR team to manage the entire process and will be the connection between you and our CLUB

Within the exclusivity of this CLUB we will offer a service second opinion without being required physical presence with a competitive amount .

And if you are an international patient to visit our section dedicated to you where you can see that these services take on a global dimension.

Describe a complicated EXPERIENCE is simpler living.

Created: 01/01/2012 / Updated: 21/06/2024