Clinical Optometry Unit

A vital technical team at the ophthalmologist's side.

Clinical optometry is the specialty that studies the eye and vision from the optical point of view. Vision strength and functional assessment are vital for achieving an accurate ophthalmic diagnosis and therefore the optometry unit is an important part of a multidisciplinary ophthalmic team.

The Optometry Unit is supported by all of our institution's Optometry Specialists: Optometrists Montserrat Ortiz, Juli Viadé, Fernando Sánchez, Anna Medina, Victoria Lobo, Carmen Aleson, Bernat Tarragón and Cristina Zúñiga.

This Unit is divided into several Sub-Units:

Optometric Grading. Refractive study to assess visual acuity and dioptre strength at far, middle and near distance, not forgetting ocular motility and binocular vision. 

Instrumental Optometry. The practising of multiple examinations with instruments that have become necessary over recent years for the modern diagnosis and monitoring of eye diseases and the whole visual system. 

Studies of the retina, optic nerve and cornea have been performed particularly well. Retinography, Fluorescein Angiography and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) are especially useful in such major diseases as Diabetic Retinopathy or Age-Related Macular Degeneration. These are also used together with Optic Nerve Imaging to assess Glaucoma.

Computerised Campimetry is essential for the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma and many neuro-ophthalmic diseases.

Techniques for studying the cornea (corneal topography of the anterior and posterior surface) are basic requirements for pre-operative studies and for assessing the outcome of corneal refractive surgery (LASIK). Specular Microscopy allows optometrists to analyse the corneal endothelial layer, the tissue responsible for corneal transparency.

Any cataract operation needs previous measurements to decide which strength of Intraocular Lens will allow the eye to focus best after surgery. Such measurements are called Biometry and the Clinical Optometrist is also responsible for such scans.

The Contact Lens Sub-Unit is responsible for fitting Contact Lenses. It has experience in complex cases, such as keratoconus and keratoplasty.

Paediatric Optometry has vast experience in the treatment of amblyopia and visual and oculomotor dysfunction in preschool children. Our highly-experienced optometrist Carmen Aleson runs this area.

Finally, the Orthoptics, Rehabilitation and Vision Therapy Sub-Unit, which treats both children and adults alike, not only works to help people attain good visual acuity but also helps them gain the ability to use their eyes with optimum efficiency and comfort.

Created: 02/05/2019 / Updated: 25/06/2024

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