Oculoplastic, Orbital and Reconstructive Surgery Unit

Oculoplastic Ophthalmologists resolve cosmetic or functional eyelid, orbit or tear duct problems by taking care of your eye and vision.

The eye is protected and kept moist by the eyelids and the tear system. Disorders affecting these organs are a common cause of ocular discomfort and irritation and can affect your vision and even the appearance of your face. 

Luckily, most eyelid and tear duct disorders can be repaired surgically on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic. These highly effective procedures give very satisfactory results using modern microsurgical techniques. The skin on the eyelid also heals quickly, leaving no significant scarring.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery improves age-related changes. Blepharoplasty is the most common procedure performed to remove eye bags and rejuvenate the eye area. It is done on an outpatient basis with a very fast recovery time. Neuromodulator treatments are a very useful complement for the cosmetic improvement of many patients.

Tearing has various causes: eye irritations and especially obstructions of the duct that carries tears from the eye to the nasal cavity. There are highly effective medical and surgical treatments for constant tearing.

Some children suffer from congenital eyelid abnormalities and nasolacrimal duct obstruction. The treatment of such abnormalities helps the child to have proper visual and aesthetic development.

Oculoplastics also includes cosmetic rehabilitation in people who have suffered accidents with deforming injuries or scars to their eyelids or eye. Thyroid diseases can affect the periocular structures, causing exophthalmos (bulging eyeballs), changes in shape of the eyelids and double vision. We work together with your endocrinologist to treat such eye problems.

The Oculoplastic and Orbital Area is led by Dr Manuel Romera. The Reconstructive Surgery Area is led by Dr Carmen del Águila. Dr Ana Blázquez is involved in both areas.

What is the main activity of this Unit?

  1. Blepharoplasty
  2. Ectropion and entropion surgery
  3. Implantation of ocular prostheses
  4. Neuromodulator treatments
  5. Reconstructive surgery for trauma or burns
  6. Ptosis surgery
  7. Facelift


Created: 02/05/2019 / Updated: 21/06/2024

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